“Going digital allows me to improve all aspects of implant treatment.”

Dr. Alan Jurim, DDS, New York


Ride the digital wave

Implantology the digital way

Take advantage of digital insight for more predictable implant treatment. Implant Studio enables accurate, prosthetic driven implant planning and helps make implant cases accessible and profitable for dental clinics and labs. Discover in this video how digital implantology can improve productivity and your patients' experience by enabling fewer treatment visits and optimizing the patient treatment time.

3 steps to digital implantology by 3Shape

TRIOS implant restoration

TRIOS implant restoration

Guided surgery

Guided surgery

Guided prosthetics

Guided prosthetics

Integrate the latest technology into your practices

TRIOS implant case

TRIOS® implant restoration

Intraoral scanning is the best way to get started with digital implantology

Deliver a shorter, more comfortable implant treatment to your patients and get a better fitting crown by going digital with TRIOS.

Benefits from going digital with TRIOS case study

2. Guided Surgery

Guided surgery

Take your implant treatments to the next level with guided surgery and digital communications

Increase predictability and accuracy for the best possible treatment outcome with guided surgery.

Benefits of guided surgery case study

Guided Prosthetics

Guided prosthetics

Take full advantage of digital implantology with prosthetic driven implant planning

Plan and perform the complete treatment prior to implant surgery based on esthetics and overall clinical situation and deliver the prosthetic solution to the patient in one session.

Immediate loading implant surgery case study

Dig deeper

Reduced chair time

Implant Studio®

Prosthetic driven implant planning and guide design

CAD Software


Case Studies

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Clinical and business cases

How-to videos

How-to videos

Get tips, workflows and insight

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Take fast and easy-to-do digital impressions with TRIOS®

Intraoral scanners

3Shape scan bodies

Implant scanning made easy with 3Shape scan bodies

The highly durable, titanium 3Shape scan bodies enable professionals to capture implant positions accurately. Available for all major implant systems, 3Shape scan bodies feature a unique ID code that identifies the implant system and connection. 3Shape scan bodies can be used with both intraoral and lab scanners.

Download the 3Shape scan bodies FAQ for more information

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What Implant Studio® and TRIOS® users say

Dr. Simon Kold

Reduce patient chair time and number of visits

“Implant Studio allows me to reduce allocated appointment times for complete surgery from 90 to 30 minutes, while providing a much better patient experience and more accurate results,”
Dr. Simon Kold, owner, Herning Implant Center, Denmark.

Read an interview with Dr. Simon Kold

Dr. Alan Jurim

Create a consistent surgical procedure every time

“Creating a fully digital workflow by planning and simulating the implant surgery on my computer has made the procedure simpler for me, my staff, most importantly our patients. I can choose the implant system I want to work with from within the software, and in turn plan the procedure based on the implant system’s specifications. It provides invaluable insight and flexibility that is improving outcomes for my patients,”
Dr. Alan Jurim, DDS, USA.

Dr. Nicolai Yde

Improve patients' experience and comfort with less invasive procedures

“Going digital, from the initial TRIOS intraoral scan to the actual procedure, is much more comfortable for the patient. Using the various scan data to create for example, surgical guides enables me to perform less invasive implant placements dependent on the clinical situation. This makes the entire procedure simpler, and again, easier for my patients,”
Dr. Nicolai Yde, Denmark.

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