Case Study: Implant restoration of #25 using digital workflow and surgical guide

Patient has oblique fracture of the palatal cusp of his second left maxillary premolar with a juxtaposed bone margin. After discussing treatment options an implant solution is chosen.
  • Treatment provider: Dr. Éléonore Crauste
  •  Solutions used: 3Shape TRIOS MOVE, 3Shape Implant Studio
  • Dr. Crauste – Surgical guides create a safer surgical procedure, reduce operating time and limit post-surgical morbidity.


  • Implant planning. To optimize the positioning of the future implant, the implant-supported crown is designed first in a prosthetic-driven workflow.
  • Patient communications. Once planning is validated, the patient is invited to see in the software an explanation of the surgical steps of an implant placement.
  • Pilot drill guide designed and produced. A pilot drill guide is chosen because of the small mesio-distal dimension of the site. For optimal stability, the guide extends to the second molar and support bars are added.
  • Doctor’s comments regarding workflow. “3Shape solutions enable an effective exchange of information with the patient. In particular, Implant Studio software can serve as a tool for explaining the therapeutic objectives.”

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Case study is in French.
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