Case Study: Digital denture workflow for a fully edentulous patient

Male, fully edentulous patient in need of a new set of dentures
  • Treatment provider: Eric Kukucka
  • Solutions used: 3Shape E scanner, 3Shape Dental System denture design software
  • This case demonstrates the advantages of the digital denture workflow when compared with an analog workflow.


  • Impression taken and scanned. Maxillary and mandibular impressions taken as required for digital denture professionals and then digitally scanned.
  • Model analysis. Model analysis is carried out using anatomical landmarks for proper placement of the dental arch.
  • Using a virtual articulator. The Virticulator (Virtual Articulator) is utilized to evaluate the centric contact points during excursions.
  • Monoblock try in. The Monoblock try in assessed clinically and any changes are indicated and modified in the software.

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