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This analog dentist swears by digital technology for his cosmetic dentistry. See why.

Dr. Jon Marashi

Cosmetic Dentist

Jon Marashi, DDS, APDC

Dr. Jon Marashi went from buying an intraoral scanner to describing it as a huge waste of time and money to buying another intraoral scanner, namely 3Shape TRIOS. How did he go from this negative experience to purchasing his first 3Shape scanner? He explains below what made him give digital workflows another try.

"Unless you live in a cave, you know we are heading down a one-way street towards digital."

“My first intraoral scanner experience was an incredible disappointment. It was difficult to scan, and the accuracy wasn't that great. We had all kinds of problems with it.

As with anything, there comes a point when you are using something that doesn’t work correctly or takes longer than the alternative - a traditional workflow - you're just not going to use it.

The bottom line was I went back to taking conventional impressions because it was faster.

High-speed Internet vs. a dial-up modem

 When I got an opportunity to try TRIOS in February 2023, I was blown away by it.

 It was like comparing high-speed Internet to a dial-up modem.

The speed and ease of use of TRIOS was entirely different.

I ended up buying a TRIOS MOVE+ because I love having the flat screen right there where patients can see it.

My patients, staff, and I are just so impressed.

From a workflow perspective, it's allowed us to do so much and helped us in ways we didn’t foresee.

The main reasons I am so happy with TRIOS

It helps digitize the models needed for cosmetic dentistry

My practice does a very high volume of cosmetic dentistry. Because of that, you can imagine the number of models I have to save. I have an entire storage unit just for models. It's insane.

In California, we need to keep models for several years before records are no longer required. So now, we are in the process of scanning all my models and digitizing the entire library. If by some chance we ever need one, I can print it.

The ability for us to create a digital archive with TRIOS is very valuable.

It’s a new, more efficient workflow with my labs

I work with a multitude of different laboratories. Depending on the needs, I have a cosmetic lab, one for posteriors, crown and bridge, and one for bite guards.

I also have patients that sometimes need a very quick fix.
TDr. Marashi discussing cosmetic treatment with his patientRIOS has simplified the workflow with these different labs. Now I can just scan and send it.

For the first time, my practice is realizing the true benefits of a digital dentistry workflow. We shave off at least one day from certain workflows. For example, with bite guards, the lab can have the file in real-time instead of FedEx overnight. I save money on shipping costs, at least in one direction.

When it comes to a patient needing an immediate restoration, I can warn the lab ahead of time that it's coming in "hot." They're able to help quickly. It's like having an in-house lab. It's a speedy turnaround that would be less efficient without a digital impression.

And with our TRIOS impressions, the fits have been phenomenal. I like it. My staff likes it. The patients really like it!

Status scans add that wow-factor for patients

Another impact of TRIOS on my practice is that we now scan all our patients (here’s a blog post on how to do that). We call it a status scan. It serves two purposes: first, we get a digital record of the patient, but second, it introduces the patient to the scanner.

The wow factor for patients has been enormous. It doesn't matter who they are. There is almost theatrics to using the scanner.

When I use TRIOS MOVE+, I put it as close to me as possible. I tilt it slightly down so the patient can see the screen too. They don't have to bend their head or anything. And even while the scanner is inside their mouth, they still make some noise in excitement.

When we finish scanning, they generally curl up a little bit to look at the screen. They always exclaim something like, "wow!” as they point to the screen. I think that my using TRIOS ends up being a vote of confidence for my practice.

“Patients expect me, as their dentist, to be up to date with the latest and these status scans affirm that I would only use what is best for them.”

A unique take with a hybrid analog-digital workflow

As mentioned earlier, my practice does an extraordinary amount of cosmetic dentistry.
Most of my work is elective so patients come to me specifically for it. Because of that, I remain an analog dentist in a digital world - especially regarding smile designs.

I am a firm believer in the artistic side of dentistry. And while the industry is headed more and more digitally and, for example, standardized smile designs, my patients prefer my creative skills and expect an original solution for every case.

To that end, I work analog with anterior restorations, for example.
I still do a mock-up in the mouth, and once I create what the patient wants and after we have tested it in the mouth, I will TRIOS scan it for the lab to use as a guide for the final restorations.

It's a very hands-on artistic process. And designing is the one area that I do not rely on a lab or software.

When I meet with a patient, my goal is to give them a better version of their smile and a result that they will be happy with. That's what's so exciting about my job. You are finding ways to enhance what is already there. And that's when people feel a little truer to themselves and a little more authentic with their smiles.


Learn about virtual smile designing

It’s a tool for planning a treatment and for driving engagement and patient empowerment. This ebook explains more - with a bonus, step-by-step tutorial on how to use 3Shape Smile Design software.


What TRIOS brings to my practice

TRIOS helps me digitize all my old and future models and efficiently send cases to my lab treatment partners. Just for that, it is an excellent addition to my practice.

In the few months I have had the scanner, I haven't seen all that it can do. But I am confident that TRIOS is fast, accurate, and predictable, unlike my previous impression scanner model.

For impression-taking purposes and fit of the restorations, TRIOS is phenomenal. I couldn't give it a higher recommendation.

Jakob Just-BomholtNote from the CEO

“I want to stress that as a new TRIOS customer, your first year with our peace-of-mind service plan TRIOS Care is free. It includes personal onboarding, 3 hours of training, drop coverage, express replacement, unlimited support, and more. After the first free year, you decide whether to continue with a paid TRIOS Care service agreement or the free TRIOS Only. Take advantage of this! The 3-hour training with a 3Shape Academy specialist alone is priceless,” says Jakob Just-Bomholt, CEO of 3Shape. 

Digital technology for cosmetic dentistry
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About Dr. Jon Marashi

Dr. Jon Marashi

Cosmetic Dentist

Jon Marashi, DDS, APDC

An industry leader and innovator, Dr. Jon Marashi excels in artistic dental restoration that is highly customized to meet the needs of his patients. He personally hand sculpts each smile using microscope precision to create a remarkably natural aesthetic, garnering him industry-wide accolades and a loyal patient following. Among his professional accomplishments, Dr. Marashi graduated from the Honors Aesthetic Dentistry program at New York University College of Dentistry, where he would later become an instructor in Aesthetic Advantage.

He also served as Clinical Program Director at California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and as a Clinical Consultant to a major dental manufacturer, where he advised on the development of new products and materials. .