Are you TRIOS Ready for Orthodontics?

TRIOS® Ready Ortho connects you

We live in a connected world. The faster and simpler the connection to your customer, the better for your business. 

The 3Shape TRIOS Ready Ortho program cloud-connects orthodontists and labs. It means orthodontist using TRIOS can find a lab listed below and simply digitally connect with them. It also means that your lab listed below can receive and work with TRIOS digital impressions and that orthodontists can easily find you.

TRIOS® Ready Ortho Program

The TRIOS Ready Ortho program promotes your orthodontic lab to orthodontists and tells them that you work with TRIOS digital impressions, digital orthodontics and much more. To get connected you need to be using 3Shape software. Remember, the TRIOS Ready Ortho program is absolutely free and we’ll show you how to get connected.

Take advantage of
  • Precision data across all design and manufacturing software
  • Faster, more efficient workflow
  • Digital study model production 
  • Treatment planning in parallel 
  • Appliance design in parallel 
  • Standard file format  output enabling you to send designs to multiple CAM machines
Send and receive with just a click
  • TRIOS digital impressions
  • Case data exchange
  • Digital study models 
  • Digital order forms 
  • Connect direct to orthodontic solution providers
  • Share case notes

Be a TRIOS® Ready Ortho lab – it’s free!

1) Deliver a trial case and get TRIOS® Ready Ortho endorsed
TRIOS Ready Ortho labs are categorized by the type of services you provide. To be a TRIOS Ready Ortho lab, your lab needs to be able to deliver, and be approved by 3Shape for providing, one of the following services to customers:

  • Model Manufacturing Services – your lab can design and produce digital study models
  • Treatment Proposal Services – using Ortho Analyzer you can create a treatment proposal and setup
  • Full Digital Appliance Services - using Appliance Designer you can design and manufacture a splint

Contact us and the TRIOS Ready Ortho program advisor will help you setup your system for the types of service you provide. We'll help you create your 3Shape Communicate account, prepare connectivity, ensure your Ortho System is completely up-to-date, and assist you in completing your TRIOS orthodontic workflow trial case. The trial and your listing, as a TRIOS Ortho-Ready lab, is all free.

2) Review and endorsement

Once the trial case is complete, you and your 3Shape representative will review the results and see if you need to fine tune the workflow. Once optimized, you’re ready, TRIOS Ready Ortho.

3Shape will provide you with

  • A TRIOS Ready Ortho diploma for your marketing material
  • We'll add your lab to the TRIOS Ready Ortho lab directory below


Find your nearest TRIOS® Ready Ortho Lab

Country City Lab Name E-mail Model
Full Digital
Website Link
AUSTRIA Vienna Dentalstudio Evident ortho@evident.at www.evident.at
AUSTRALIA Canterbury, VIC tdl Precision Orthodontics cloud3@tdl.net.au www.tdl.net.au
AUSTRALIA Melbourne Archform Orthodontics archform@me.com www.digitalortho.com.au
AUSTRALIA Midland Swan Valley Dental Laboratory Digital@swanvalleydentallab.com.au www.swanvalleydentallab.com.au
BRAZIL Belo Horizonte Compass3D comunicate@compass3d.com.br www.compass3d.com.br
BRAZIL Rio de Janeiro Smart Solutions atendimento@smartsolutions3d.com.br www.smartsolutions3d.com.br
BRAZIL Sao Paulo Easysolution Lucianowagner@dentaldirect.com.br
CANADA Vancouver Protec Dental Laboratories orthoscan@protecdental.com www.protecdental.com
CHINA Beijing Beijing LeLeJia Medical Solutions cadcam_orthodontic@163.com www.lelejia.com.cn
CHINA Guangzhou DENT.Lab hhuang@heygears.com
DENMARK Esbjerg Esbjerg Dentallaboratorium ia@esbjergdental.dk www.esbjergdental.dk
DENMARK Roskidle Roskilde Orto-Teknik ApS info@rot.dk www.rot.dk
FRANCE Eaunes (TOULOUSE) 3d+Ortho numerisation.3dplusortho@gmail.com
FRANCE Chartres néo3d Orthodontic's neo3d@neo3d.fr www.labo-orthodontics.fr
FRANCE Fuveau Orthésie 3d.orthesie@gmail.com
FRANCE Ivry-Sur-Seine Comiro 3D@comiro.fr www.comiro.fr
FRANCE Nice Numeric Ortho romain.touvenot@gmail.com numeric-ortho.business.site
FRANCE Paris Anenke commandes@anenke.com www.anenke.com
FRANCE Rochefort-du-Gard Uzege Ortho uzegeortho@sfr.fr
FRANCE Grabels Laboratoire MB Smile laboratoirembsmile@gmail.com
GREECE Athens Vettos OrthoLab vettosortho3d@gmail.com www.ortholab.gr
ITALY Ferrara Ortodonzia Estense Srl stefano@ortodonziaestense.it www.ortodonziaestense.com
ITALY Bologna Laboratorio Odontotecnico Palmieri Paolo paopalm@vodafone.it
ITALY Cernuso sul Naviglio Soluzioni Ortodontiche di Daniela Pavesi soluzioniortodontiche@gmail.com
ITALY Milano Il Progetto Srl info@ilprogettosrl.com www.ilprogettosrl.com
ITALY Mola di Bari Smile Line Allineatori Invisibili mimmo.castellana@libero.it http://www.smilelineallineatori.it/
ITALY San Polo d'Enza (RE) CS Centro Servizi sas di Cortesi Stefano orthocsservizi@gmail.com
MALAYSIA Georgetown Ortho Tech support@orthotech.asia www.orthotech.asia
Berlin ClearCaps scans@clearcaps.com www.clearcaps.com
NETHERLANDS Goor Ortho-Flex 3d@orthoflex.nl www.orthoflex.nl
NETHERLANDS Nieuwegein Excent Ortholab Bosboom bosboom.scanner@excent.eu www.excent.eu
NETHERLANDS Papendrecht Aptus BV 3dbeugels@aptusbv.nl www.aptusbv.nl
NETHERLANDS Zaltbommel Wouterse Orthodontic Laboratory niels@wouterseortholab.com
POLAND Wroclaw Guldent Pawel Gul info@guldent.pl www.guldent.pl
POLAND Wroclaw LOXO 3d@loxolab.pl
SPAIN Barcelona Odontecnic SL info@odontecnic.com www.odontecnic.com
SPAIN Barcelona Ortoteam tecnico@ortoteam.com www.ortoteam.com
SPAIN Bilbao TCD ORTODONCIA tcdbilbao@tcd-orto.com www.tcd-orto.com
SPAIN Málaga Ortoplus info@ortoplus.com www.ortoplus.com
SPAIN Santander TCD ORTODONCIA tcdsantander@tcd-orto.com www.tcd-orto.com
SWEDEN Stockholm Torbjörn Team KB patientfall@torbjornsteam.se www.torbjornsteam.se
SWITZERLAND Bern Wiedmer Dental-Labor order@wielab.ch www.wielab.ch/
SWITZERLAND Lucerne Bussmann Orthodontie-Labor AG lab@obu.ch www.obu.ch
SWITZERLAND Neuhausen/Rheinfall Dentallabor Dentallabor Sanja Prpic & Co. labor@dentikum.ch
SWITZERLAND Nyon Orthoficience SA info@orthoficience.ch
SWITZERLAND Villars-sur-Glâne Laboratoire dentaire Zahno S.A. info@labozahno.ch www.labozahno.ch/fr
UNITED KINGDOM Birmingham Triple O smiletru@tripleodentallabs.com www.tripleodentallabs.com
UNITED KINGDOM Bristol Winterborn & Little Associates Ltd info@clearstraight.co.uk
UNITED KINGDOM Coleraine Cinch Laboratories sales@withcinch.com www.withcinch.com
UNITED KINGDOM Kettering Ideal Profile Ltd enquiry@idealprofile.co.uk www.idealprofile.co.uk
UNITED KINGDOM Norwich Norwich Orthodontics norwichorthodontics@gmail.com www.norwichorthodontics.co.uk
UNITED KINGDOM Sheffield JJ Thompson Orthodontic Lab ant@jjthompson.co.uk www.jjthompson.co.uk
UNITED KINGDOM Surrey IAS Ortho Lab lab@iasortho.com www.iasortho.com
USA Buffalo, NY 3Digital Group jschofield@3digitalllc.com www.3digitalllc.com
USA Denton Five Star Orthodontics steve@fivestarortho.com www.fivestarortho.com
USA Wilmington, MA NEO Lab digital@neolab.com www.neolab.com
USA Hackettstown, NJ Perfect Finish Ortho Lab info@perfectfinishortho.com www.perfectfinishortho.com
USA St. Ann, MO DynaFlex info@dynaflex.com www.dynaflex.com
USA Bryn Mawr, PA Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Laboratories, Inc bmol@comcast.net www.brynmawrortholab.com
USA Southbury Dobson Ortho Laboratory digital@dobsonortho.com www.dobsonortho.com
USA Southbury Precision Appliances Lab labo.lotus@gmail.com
USA Sturtevant Allesee Orthodontics Appliances digital.services@aoalab.com www.aoaaccess.com
USA Tigard, OR Excel Orthodontics Excel@excelorthodontics.com www.excelorthodontics.com
USA The Colony, TX Six Month Smiles caseprocessing@sixmonthsmiles.com www.6monthsmiles.com
VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh Lotus Laboratory labo.lotus@gmail.com
USA Los Angeles Mechanodontics info@mechanodontics.com www. mechanodontics.com
USA Buford Ricoh Orthodontic Appliances info@roaortholab.com www.roaortholab.com
USA Tonawanda Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd triosready@greatlakesortho.com www.greatlakesortho.com

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