Implant Studio Ready for dental labs and practices

Deliver complete restorative implant packages to your customers

Implant Studio® Ready connects you

We live in a connected world. The faster and simpler the connection to your customer, the better for your business.

The Implant Studio Ready program creates a seamless cloud-connected digital workflow between practices and labs. Making it quick and easy for you to share implant treatment planning, surgical guide designs, scans, case information and more.

Implant Studio® Ready Dental Laboratories

More and more dentists are going digital with intraoral scanners like TRIOS. The Implant Studio Ready program connects and advertises your lab to customers. Telling them that you work with digital impressions and CT/ Cone Beam CT imaging for implant planning and the manufacture of surgical guides, components and more. It’s free to become an Implant Studio Ready lab.

As an Implant Studio Ready Dental Lab, send and receive with just a click

  • TRIOS digital impressions and CT/ Cone Beam CT images
  • Implant planning proposals
  • Case information
  • Digital order forms
  • Case notes

Take advantage of

  • Precision data across all design and manufacturing software
  • Faster, more efficient workflow
  • Local or outsource design and manufacturing of surgical guides
  • Deliver complete implant solution packages
  • Create implant planning in parallel

Implant Studio is open to .STL and DICOM scans

If your customer is not using a 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner you can still be Implant Studio Ready. Implant Studio accepts open .STL files and DICOM scans from any source.

Be an Implant Studio® Ready lab – it’s free!

Deliver a trial case and get Implant Studio Ready-endorsed

To become an Implant Studio Ready lab your lab needs to be able to deliver, and be approved by 3Shape for providing, one of the following services to customers:

  • Surgical Guide Design - design surgical guides based on implant planning cases done in Implant Studio
  • Surgical Guide Manufacturing - produce a dimensionally correct guide in-house and send to 3Shape for review (during test trial only)
  • Prosthetics Design - demonstrate the complete digital workflow by exporting the implant position into Dental System to design prosthetics

Contact us and the Implant Studio Ready program advisor will help you setup your system for the types of service you provide. We’ll help you create your 3Shape Communicate account, prepare connectivity, ensure Implant Studio is completely up-to-date, and assist you in completing your Implant Studio workflow trial case. The trial, and your listing as an Implant Studio Ready lab, is all free.

Evaluation and endorsement

Once the trial case is complete, you and your 3Shape representative will evaluate the results and see if you need to fine tune the workflow. Once optimized, you’re ready, Implant Studio Ready.

3Shape will provide you with

  • An Implant Studio Ready diploma for your marketing material
  • We’ll add your lab to the Implant Studio Ready lab directory below


Find your nearest Implant Studio® Ready Lab

Please be advised that the Implant Studio Ready program does not indicate that the manufacturers listed are in compliance with local regulations and requirements.
Compliance with regulations and requirements remains the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Country City Lab Name Website Email Surgical Guide design Surgical Guide manufacturing Prosthetics design
Australia Perth Omni Dental www.Omnidental.com.au Scans@omnidental.com.au
Australia Sydney Race Dental Laboratory www.racedental.com.au trios@racedental.com.au
Australia Sydney Dentacast 3D Surgical Guides www.dentacast.com.au implant@dentacast.com.au
Austria Wien Dentalstudio Evident www.evident.at office@evident.at
Brazil Belo Horizonte Compass Lab www.compass3d.com.br www.compass3d.com.br
Canada Calgary Core3d www.core3dcentres.com/canada infoCDA@core3dcentres-na.com
Canada Toronto Pro-art www.pro-artdentallab.com implantology@pro-artdentallab.com
Canada Vancouver Protec Dental Laboratory www.protecdental.com nappelbaum@protecdental.com
Denmark Taastrup Damvig Develop A/S www.damvig.dk/ jesper@damvig.dk
Germany Amberg-Sulzbach Dental Team GbR www.dental-teamwork.de info@dental-teamwork.de
Germany Dresden KL Dental www.kl-dental.de Thomas.Bernstein@kl-dental.de
Germany Frankfurt 3-D Print & CNC-Milling Center – Digital Dentallaboratory – DCD Dental Consulting Dohrn www.dcd-dohrn.de info@dcd-dohrn.de
Germany Unna Dreve Dentamid GmbH www.print.dreve.de k.maringer-pegelow@dreve.de
Greece Athens Takis Kalantidis www.kalantidi.gr/en/ panos.cadcam@hotmail.com
Greece Thessaloniki Smile Clinic www.e-smile.gr/el info@e-smile.gr
India Vijayawada Sri Krishna Dental Care muraliskdc@gmail.com
Netherlands Barneveld Barnevelds Tandtechnisch Laboratorium www.barneveldsttl.nl cadcam@barneveldsttl.nl
Romania Bucharest Scanway dental www.labvision-dental.com order@scanway-dental.com
Spain Barcelona Avinent www.avinent.com avinent@avinent.com
Spain Matadepera Ortoteam ortoteam.com/ 3d@ortoteam.com
Sweden Malmo Cosmodent www.cosmodent.se info@cosmodent.se
Sweden Malmo Teknodont www.teknodont.se cnc@teknodont.se
Switzerland Moehlin Fischler Camtech AG www.fischlercamtech.ch info@fischlercamtech.ch
Thailand Bangkok Tdentallab www.tdentallab.com trios@tdentallab.com
UK London Cavendish Imaging Ltd www.cavendishimaging.com implantstudio@cavendishimaging.com
UK Stockport Hall Dental Studio www.halldentalstudio.co.uk info@halldentalstudio.co.uk
USA Belwood, IL Wand Dental Laboratory www.wanddental.com sales@korusdental.com
USA Birmingham, AL Vulcan Custom Dental www.vulcandental.com rxpros@biohorizons.com
USA Evansville, IN Crown Me crownmelab@gmail.com
USA Garfield Heights, Ohio ROE Dental Laboratory www.roedentallab.com is@roedentallab.com
USA Hatfield PA Innovative Smile Llc innovativesmile.ddxdental.com/ inosmiles@outlook.com
USA New York Tech Squared Dental Studios www.tech2ds.com trios@tech2ds.com
USA Stoneham, MA CAP www.cap-us.com customercare@cap-us.com
USA Springfield Edmonds Dental Prosthetics www.edmondsdentalprosthetics.com sedmonds@edplabs.com
Israel Afula Panohacham www.panohacham.co.il itamar.panohacham@gmail.com