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TRIOS gets validated digital workflow by sleep device-makers

Two leading sleep device makers recently announced, “authenticated and/or validated” digital workflows with the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner. The two companies, ResMed and ProSomnus respectively, named TRIOS as the only intraoral scanner to be granted an “authenticated/validated workflow.” According to the companies, TRIOS’ precision and the resulting fit of the sleep devices were the reasons for validating the workflow. Both companies require full-arch (maxillary and mandibular) intraoral scans in their device manufacturing workflow.

The two companies initially tested TRIOS digital impressions for use in the workflow for their respective sleep devices. The organizations announced that intraoral scanning with TRIOS not only optimized device fit, improved patient experience and shortened chair time, the digital workflow with TRIOS also sped up turnaround time for the manufacturing of the devices. A faster workflow means getting patients into treatment quicker, an important benefit according to the two organizations.

Research company, Global Market Insights, predicts that the Sleep Apnea Devices Market will be worth some 8.8 Billion USD worldwide by 2023.

ResMed says that “digital impressions taken with the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner are characterized by a high degree of accuracy in their reproduction of the maxillary and mandibular arches. ResMed research found that 95% of the devices made out of a digital imprint from 3Shape TRIOS were found to fit well in the mouth even before practitioners made any adjustments1. The scanning process was also found to be fast, and considered to be convenient or very convenient by 98% of the practitioners who tested it.

Furthermore, it was concluded that the scanner took up little space in the mouth, reducing the level of discomfort for patients, particularly for those who suffered from gag reflex. Overall, 76% of the patients who experienced intraoral scanning with 3Shape TRIOS to receive a Narval CC device, felt that the process was more comfortable and faster than standard impressions1.”

TRIOS scan — digital impression

TRIOS gets validated digital workflow by sleep device-makers

According to Doctor Eric Coontz, a ProSomnus user, “Every patient we TRIOS scan is impressed by the simplicity and speed of a digital impression and of course, seeing their teeth onscreen for the first time. In the past, patients dreaded impressions due to gagging. TRIOS offers a minimally invasive alternative and importantly, enables a digital connection with Prosomnus. Because we’re working digitally, we can always count on a perfect fit due to the Prosomnus workflow and TRIOS accuracy.”

TRIOS digital impressions are used to CAD/CAM design and manufacture the respective companies’ sleep apnea and snoring devices. This creates a completely digital workflow that simplifies the front-end steps of the device manufacturing process; ensures precision and predictability in production and delivers cases back to dentists more rapidly.

For patients, the quicker turnaround time means feeling better faster. Moreover, the entire fitting procedure becomes more comfortable and impressive for the patient due to TRIOS’ accuracy, speed, image quality, and ease of use, according to the companies.

Choosing TRIOS digital impressions also means that there is no longer a need for traditional impressions. In the two respective companies’ manufacturing workflow, traditional impressions may be used. But both companies claim that traditional impressions create a longer and more complicated workflow as well as annoying patients with the gooey impression material.

Dental Sleep specialist and Narval CC user, Dr. Bruno Navailles, said about the TRIOS workflow, “Dental specialists, sleep physicians and patients will all see improvements related to this new technology; delivery times are shortened, the fit of the MRD is optimized and the digital dental impressions are safely archived for future reference, all of which makes patient management easier and more accurate.”

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1. IOS European Controlled Product Launch (CPL) – ResMed internal report, data on file (confidential) – January 2017- Chapters 4.2 (Summary from 92 manufactured IOS MRD), 4.3 (Patients and practitioners feedback from 63 questionnaires). Extracts from this ResMed internal report:
• 95% of the MRDs were fitting well in the patient's mouth before practitioners did any adjustments.
• There were no complaints or returns regarding retention.
• 15 patients could compare their IOS MRD with their previous one (not made from digital imprints): 80% of them declared that their new IOS MRD was more comfortable. In addition, 76% of 46 patients who had a conventional imprint in the past considered the digital imprint to be more comfortable, than a conventional one.

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