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The price of a 3Shape product 

Before committing to a demo or requesting more information, you might want to know more about the cost of a 3Shape scanner or CAD/CAM solution. The short answer is: "it depends".

Our scanners and software come in a wide range of setups, packages and options, so it’s difficult to give you a clear-cut pricing overview. Another factor is our distribution model; this affects pricing across markets, too.

We work with a tiered distribution model, just like many other manufacturers in the technology industry. Outside of this being a cost-effective way of distributing products, it also allows 3Shape to concentrate on product development, whereas distributors can focus on sales. Our preferred distributors (also called resellers or sales representatives) are all specialized in dental products so they can help you with a solution that fits your exact needs.

Local promotions and finance plans

This model allows resellers to price our products in the way that fits their market best and lets them offer you special promotions and attractive finance plans. It’s best to reach out to your local reseller for more information. However, events and exhibitions also tend to be great places to claim a good discount at one of our products.

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Our tiered business model

You – Have the freedom to reach out to multiple resellers, or stay loyal to your existing one, and get an offer tailored to your clinic or practice’s specific needs.

3Shape – Focus on R&D, product development and manufacturing. We also organize symposiums for end users and provide the foundation for resellers to base their training and support on.

Resellers – Act as distributors and sales representatives with knowledge of local market regulations. They provide local support, training and handle subscriptions.

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