Full-coverage crown restorations on seven maxillary teeth and six mandibular teeth

Male patient is mid-sixties complains about the esthetics of his anterior maxillary and mandibular teeth (crowding, severe tetracycline staining). Orthodontic treatment is rejected due to the patient’s sleep apnea and the wearing of a nigh-time device.
  • Treatment provider: Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz
  • Solutions used: 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, 3Shape Dental System
  • Dr. Ferencz obtains patient information and shares it for the design and production of thirteen crowns in a completely digital workflow.


  • Pre-operative intraoral scan. An initial scan of the patient’s preoperative condition.

  • Dental CAD software. The intraoral scans are manipulated to virtually alter the patient’s existing dentition into the final restorative state, create a digital diagnostic wax-up, and demonstrate treatment options to the patient.

  • Milled provisionals. Milled provisionals are relined, cemented and customized, enabling the patient to “test-drive” the proposed treatment.

  • Final crowns placed. Final crowns are designed based on the patient-approved and tested, scanned provisionals.

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