4-unit bridge supported by 2 implants

Patient presented with mobile upper anterior teeth which were protruding facially. The patient was embarrassed by the appearance and uncomfortable with the movement.
  • Treatment provider: Dr. Philip Tan
  • Solutions used: 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, 3Shape Implant Studio + 3Shape Dental System software


  • Implant planning based on IO and CBCT data. Intraoral surface and CBCT scans are merged in 3Shape Implant Studio for implant planning. Dr. Tan uses software to initially, remove protruding teeth virtually and then plan implant retained restorations for the anterior teeth.
  • Implant fixture placement in the software. Various implants were virtually tested to see if they could support a 4-unit bridge. None of the “standard” implants were appropriate as the screw access channel would emerge through the facial surface. Co-Axis implants, which incorporate an angle change between the body of the implant and abutment screw, were selected.
  • Surgery and healing. The surgery performed and left to heal for four months. The patient used a temporary denture in the interim.
  • Scan bodies and IO scan for restorative design. Once healing was complete, scan bodies were placed and scanned with a 3Shape TRIOS. The abutments and bridge were designed in 3Shape Dental System.

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