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3Shape Unite for Labs

One dental platform for your
lab services

Become visible for TRIOS users across the globe. Enriching your existing
3Shape Communicate profile ensures you will be visible in our new 3Shape
Unite store, and benefit from brand new features and optimized workflows.


Why build my store profile?

Global exposure
Expose your lab to more than 30,000 potential customers globally.
Tailored store profile
Promote and differentiate your business with a tailored store profile.
Easy case communication
Experience improved case communication, with one place for all your TRIOS orders.


By building your lab profile, you make your lab instantly searchable in the Unite Store. Clinics will now be able to find your lab with ease and your presence on Unite ensures super easy communication for design, production and order tracking of treatments. Receiving case files is no longer fragmented, and there is no more need to switch platforms due to separate workflows.

How to build my store profile? 

Building your profile so clinics can find you in our Unite Store is as easy as it can be. You simply log on to Communicate and fill out the desired fields. Need inspiration? Here’s a few examples of profiles.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’ve listed all questions you may have in our FAQ below.

I am a TRIOS Ready lab, do I have to update my profile?

Yes, 3Shape’s TRIOS Ready program has been replaced by 3Shape Unite, which gives you even better ways to promote your lab and increase your visibility.

Is it free to have a Store profile?

Yes, a Store profile is completely free of charge for anyone in the lab with a Communicate account.

If I already have a Communicate account, should I create a new one for my Store Profile?

With 3Shape Unite you are able to enrich your current Communicate account. You can think of this as an upgrade of your profile, giving you more opportunities to stand out in the crowd.

Where and when will my lab be visible after I build my Store Profile?

Your lab profile will be visible to clinics in the 3Shape Unite Store. Your business will become visible to any clinic within the geographical area you selected during the creation of your profile. The language you use in your profile should therefore be reflective hereof.

Is it obligatory to build a Store Profile?

Building a customized lab profile that is reflective of your business and its offerings provides more opportunities to stand out in the crowd and increase your lab's visibility. It is however not obligatory to build a Store profile.

Should I have 3Shape software to create a Store profile?

No, it is not required that you have 3Shape software when creating a Lab profile. However, you will not be able to receive orders from doctors and clinics that are using 3Shape Unite. These orders are saved in a 3Shape specific format which means you need 3Shape software to work with them.

Is it safe is it to mention my contact details in my Lab Profile?

Yes, your information is completely safe and processed according to our Privacy Policy. The information will only be visible for doctors and clinics already using and operating within 3Shape Unite.