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The intraoral scanner to get you started with digital dentistry

A cost-effective way to take your first steps into digital dentistry. Use TRIOS 3 Basic to create digital impressions that are more comfortable for your patients and at least as accurate as conventional impressions. Show patients their 3D image, explain treatment options and then send the impressions to your choice of labs.

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Simple scan-and-send workflow

There’s a good chance your favorite lab is one of our more than 20,000 partners. Our scan-and-send workflow makes it easy for you to find 3Shape partner labs. So you can just pick the one you prefer, take an impression with your TRIOS dental scanner, and send it off. It’s fast, easy, and hygienic.

Take advantage of TRIOS accuracy

All our digital impression scanners use AI to “learn” from real teeth for long-lasting, natural-looking treatment outcomes. You can even capture and send precise occlusion and excursive jaw motion to your lab for a perfect fit. And did you know that dental impressions taken with an intraoral scanner are more accurate than conventional impressions1?

Boost patient engagement

Less chair time, less anxiety, and no more gagging. Your patients will have a better experience because digital scanning is faster, less invasive and allows for quality dialogue based on the 3D scan on screen. You can complete full, accurate impressions in minutes. And treatments require only 2-3 visits on average3. No wonder 4 of 5 studies show patients prefer digital4.

Scan-and-send workflow

There’s a good chance the partner you want to work with is part of our ecosystem. It is open, hence you can just pick the partner you prefer, take an impression, and send it off. It’s fast, easy and secures the most cost-effective and relevant options for your practice.
Restorative and Orthodontic Labs

Cloud-connect to over 20,000 labs. Send files with a click and discuss and review cases from any device.

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Sleep Appliance Partners

Connect with established sleep therapy device makers for fully-digital workflows.

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Clear Aligner Providers

Connect with 40+ clear aligner treatment providers right from your TRIOS.


Implant companies

3Shape works with over 90 major implant companies. From implant libraries to scan bodies, TRIOS connects you.

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Bracket Libraries

Take advantage of official bracket libraries from a range of manufacturers.


Digital vs analog impressions: which one is the safest in a post-Covid-19 world?

What does independent research tell us about the two options, when maintaining hygiene and safety? Read a summary of research findings.


Get the most out of digital dentistry

  • Scan-and-send or offer chairside services
  • Show patients 3D scans of their dentition
  • Engage patients and gain acceptance

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Get more out of digital dentistry

  • Scan-and-send or offer chairside services
  • Show patients 3D scans of their dentition
  • Engage patients and gain acceptance

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Build your TRIOS

Explore the setup and connection types for our range of TRIOS intraoral scanners.
TRIOS 3 Basic


Get complete peace-of-mind from the moment you switch on your new scanner. TRIOS Care is a new and improved service agreement with exceptional benefits at zero cost for the first year! With all this and more, TRIOS Care enables you to focus on what
matters most – delivering treatments that will make you and your patients smile, and
reaching your full digital potential, stress-free.

What is my return on investment?

Costs and benefits are an important factor, when switching to digital impressions. If you want to get a quick preview of your potential return on investment, use our smart ROI calculator today.

"If you can use a smartphone, you can scan with TRIOS. As soon as I picked it up, I could do a full-arch scan,"

Dr. Barbara Jurim, Jurim Dental Group.

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