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Five reasons why your orthodontic lab should go digital

The 3Shape Market Survey 2016* found that 50% of the practices polled were considering buying an intraoral scanner in the next three years. The growing adoption of digital technology provides orthodontic labs with a unique opportunity.

By following suit and embracing digital technology, orthodontic labs not only have an opportunity to expand the range of products and services they offer, they have the means to future proof their business and remain competitive.

CAD/CAM workflows in dental labs

The attractiveness of a digital workflow – from the elimination of physical impressions to improving patient comfort – is motivating orthodontists to go digital.

When both the lab and orthodontist are digital, they then can work together to improve diagnostic insight, treatment planning, as well as reduce treatment time. The orthodontists can outsource diagnostics and appliance design to the lab. Which in turn, increases the profit margin per case for the orthodontist: savings for the orthodontist that translates into more business for your lab.

For example, with most orthodontists charging in the neighborhood of 200 USD/hour, by outsourcing the treatment plan or appliance design to a lab that only charges 50 USD/hour, the orthodontist quickly reduces his/her own costs. Savings we believe should motivate both the orthodontist and lab to go digital.

3Shape is looking to help orthodontic labs go digital with our new E scanner line. The E scanners deliver the high quality, advanced scanning features, and precision CAD/CAM workflows 3Shape is recognized for, but at a more affordable price. The E scanners also offer a free, no-subscription option for labs.

Similarly, the 2017 updates to our orthodontic software are making it more intuitive than ever to streamline your workflow. Orthodontic labs can also take advantage of the TRIOS Ready program to work and be found by orthodontists using 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners.

Here are five reasons why your orthodontic lab should go digital

  1. Receive digital cases from orthodontists
    Digitization is forever transforming orthodontics: ease of use and patient comfort are driving the adoption in digital impression systems by orthodontists. To future-proof your business, it is essential for labs to receive digital cases.
  2. Reduce delivery and treatment time – improve diagnostics
    The superior accuracy of digital impressions means more effective diagnostics and appliance design and fit. This translates directly into fewer retakes and callbacks, patient visits and improved care.
  3. Improve communication for diagnostics and treatment planning
    The office and lab can work together as a team to define treatment-needs by simulating and planning treatment – plus show and tell treatment plans with the patient onscreen.
  4. TRIOS Ready Ortho
    3Shape is supporting orthodontic labs move to digital by certifying them and listing them on the 3Shape web site. As TRIOS is rapidly becoming the intraoral scanner of choice for orthodontic practices, a TRIOS Ready certification opens up many new opportunities for your lab.
  5. Develop your business
    For both clinics and labs, going digital means more opportunities. While clinics gain easy access to a larger selection of orthodontic service providers and appliance-makers, labs can increase their range of products and services by using the tightly integrated software applications offered by 3Shape. 3Shape Ortho Analyzer enables treatment-planning services as well as design and manufacturing applications. Plus 3Shape Communicate – a cloud-based communication service, ensures that you can collaborate and exchange files smoothly and securely with your customers/orthodontists.

*Data on file – 3Shape Market Survey 2016.