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Beautiful smiles in minutes with 3Shape Smile Design

3Shape Smile Design, built on Digital Smile Design (DSD) principles, helps dental professionals create highly esthetic restorative treatment plans for teeth based on a patient’s desired smile.

Working from a 2D picture of the patient, dental professionals use 3Shape Smile Design to first propose a smile design. With Smile Design, you draw the suggested restoration directly on the patient’s 2D image using the app. A workflow that takes minutes instead of the old-fashioned, more time-consuming way of drawing and exporting files using a variety of software programs.

3Shape Smile Design enables the patient, doctor and lab technician to work together as a team to evaluate esthetics directly from the patient photo. This involves your patient right from the start and helps to drive treatment acceptance.

3Shape Smile Design app user, Dr. Nelson Silva of Brazil says, “3Shape Smile Design is a powerful tool. Being able to create an appealing and fast design makes it easier for patients to visualize and understand their treatment options. In the future, I could see every professional using smile design as part of their routine.”

To complete the workflow, technicians then bring the patient-approved smile designs into 3Shape Dental System software. Using Dental System’s RealView engine, the 2D picture is combined with 3D digital impressions from e.g., 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, to facilitate the functional restorations.  As an option, professionals can produce a mockup of the final restoration to enable the patient to “try on” the new smile.

3Shape Smile Design is a part of Dental System 2017.2.0. and available from September 2017.

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