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Why TRIOS IO scanning every patient makes sense for your practice

Doctors are finding that TRIOS unique features like digital color impressions, shade measurement and HD photos, make TRIOS ideal for monitoring patient oral health.

Already today, doctors are using TRIOS digital color impressions to track oral health, such as lesions, staining and decay.

Now to make the monitoring of a patient’s oral health more systematic, 3Shape has created a new tool for TRIOS called Digital Patient Monitoring (DPM). DPM makes the tracking of a patient’s oral health an easy-to-use application from within the intraoral scanner’s software.

Digital Patient Monitoring is being introduced today at Midwinter. The new tool enables doctors to compare TRIOS digital color impressions taken over time by tracking and quantifying gingival retraction, bruxism, teeth movement and much more. DPM highlights any changes to the mouth that may require action on the computer screen. The Digital Patient Monitoring application will be available as part of the TRIOS workflow. The TRIOS software update will be available later in the year.

Using TRIOS color scans taken over time, coupled with DPM, doctors can show patients discoloration, tooth movement and trouble spots while they still sit in the chair. Involving the patient in any treatment proposals and supported by the digital color impressions.

In an interview with New York Prosthodontist, Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz, he said, “Basically, I see us using TRIOS on not just any patient, but EVERY patient. I definitely see the scanning of each patient becoming a part of our routine.”