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Dental System™ - scan and design using different software versions

You can scan with Dental System™ 2015 to run the new scanners and design using a previous software version.

There is no reason you can’t enjoy the markets’ best scanners before you are ready to master new design software for all materials.  For example, customers can upgrade their CAD solution to Dental System™ 2015 in order to use the new scan application but still use DentalDesigner 2014 for the materials of their choice.

Year after year, 3Shape Dental System™ continuously grows more powerful. 3Shape recently launched its new range of lab scanners, setting new boundaries for speed, accuracy, and productivity. And the latest 2015 release of CAD software brings technicians many new features including automatic tools, new indications, and smarter digital workflows.

Dental System screen 1

3Shape develops and manufactures both the scanners and software which is why we can ensure that both components always function optimally together. One of Dental System’s main strengths is in its smooth workflows enabled by the tight integration between scanner and CAD software.

But sometimes, a technician will want to use the newest scanner with a previous version of the design software - because they want to get the best scanning speed and accuracy with a CAD design workflow they already know.  Or they may want to use a specific design software version for a specific material. We have made this easy in Dental System.

Select your design software case by case

When you make a new order, you can choose which version of 3Shape Dental Designer™ you want to use. Dental System will always suggest the latest version as default.

You can change your default design software version through the control panel

Users can set a default DentalDesigner™ software version for each material.


Dental System screen 2

Set up your choices in the control panel

  1. Go to the Dental System™ control panel
  2. Select basic elements
  3. Select Materials
  4. On the left side, select a material for editing
  5. Select the Default Design Model for the specific material

That’s it!