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D900L dental lab scanner – fast, accurate with plenty of room inside

When evaluating dental lab scanners, speed and accuracy are your top considerations. You need precision to achieve optimal results. And you need high scan speeds to assure your workflow runs as efficiently as possible. Depending on the size of the models scanned, you may also require more volume or interior space within the scanner.

3Shape has created the market's most flexible range of color dental scanners for 3D scanning of both impressions and gypsum models. From the entry-level D500 to the new D900L, 3Shape delivers powerful 3D color scanning for any laboratory size and budget.

Our new D900L has added new features that will make your workflow more efficient. 

D900L dental lab scanner

3Shape D900L dental lab scanner – fast accurate color scanning with step saving advantages

The new D900L Dental Lab Scanner features four high-res 5.0 MP cameras and blue LED speckle-free technology to provide fast and (ISO-documented) accurate* scanning for detail enhancement and color capture enabling. The D900L scans single dies in just 15 seconds and three-unit bridges in 50 seconds.

The D900L scanner can do it because of optimized and intelligent 2D image processing algorithms that accelerate scan speeds. 3Shape RealColor™ Technology complements the hi-speed scanning by capturing all textures and colors on the models as well.

Size matters 
The big difference between the D900L is its capacity inside.  The D900L provides maximized interior space in a small footprint scanner.

For large, high volume, productive-orientated labs needing to scan bigger objects like mounted gypsum models, large impression trays, models with disposable articulators, the D900L is the right choice.

Why size matters
The D900L's larger capacity enables the scanning of mounted gypsum models. As a result, you no longer need to break off the gypsum mount before scanning or add a split plate to the model – thereby cutting a few time-consuming steps out of your workflow.

Auto Occlusion™ - creates occlusion using only the upper and lower models – SKIP THE BITE SCAN
After calibrating 3shapes virtual articulator to match your lab's physical articulator, you can take advantage of our Auto Occlusion™ technology. With Auto Occlusion™, you only need to scan the upper and lower models. The system then automatically calculates the correct occlusion - eliminating the bite scan and saving you one more step in your workflow.

The software will also place the upper and lower model scans in your virtual articulator to enable you to continue your workflow digitally.

Fast and accurate
To cut down on the time it takes you to process a case, you need speed and accuracy. In 3Shape scanners, the two go hand in hand. Their accuracy and speed are ISO documented.*

D900L enables you to work faster and more efficiently. Not only does it scan quickly, it cuts down your time per case by eliminating time-consuming steps in your workflow.

D900L can take the heat
The D900 is constructed using a thermally stable special metal alloy for consistent accuracy even in demanding lab environments.

D900L Digital Scanner features at a glance

scanners table

  • Expanded space for larger models
    Scan larger objects including mounted gypsum models, large impression trays, models with attached articulators.
  • Save time by skipping the bite scan
    With new Auto Occlusion™ technology, technicians only need to scan upper and lower and the system automatically calculates occlusion.
  • Transfer exact articulator positions
    Optimized technology now makes it even easier to transfer the exact jaw positions from the physical articulator into the software.
  • Bring colors into the design

RealColor™ Technology captures all textures and colors on the model.

  • Designed for high speed

Scan speeds are accelerated by optimized and intelligent 2D image processing algorithms.

  • Accurate scanning with 4 x 5.0 MP cameras

The unique optical system ensures high scan speeds, powerful color capture, enhanced details, implant bar accuracy.

*Documented accuracy in all 3Shape scanners 
3Shape measures, controls and documents scanner accuracy in all its scanners using well-defined standards and metrology procedures. 3Shapes scan accuracy is validated in accordance with ISO 12836 – a standard, which specifies a test protocol for the assessment of crown and bridge accuracy in dental scanners. Implant bars and bridges represent the most accuracy-demanding indication. Complementing the ISO standard, 3Shape additionally validates scan accuracy using specially designed implant objects.

* Validated and documented in accordance with ISO 12836 and with specially designed implant objects
** The availability of specific configurations depends on country and reseller