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TRIOS Inbox™ and Communicate

Labs and dentists connect and interact in the cloud.

Chat forums, Skype™, video conferencing… this is an age that values its tools for smart communication and easy interaction. Inspired by these trends, 3Shape offers new communication solutions that bring full digital workflows between clinics and labs much closer. Dental labs with a TRIOS Inbox can receive ready-for-design digital impressions directly from connected clinics – just minutes after the dentist completes the scan. But that's only half of the story. 3Shape Communicate™ software running in both labs and clinics provides an interactive communications platform with the online exchange of case information, 3D designs and 2D previews through their mutual Communicate™ Cloud.

Labs and clinics connect and communicate

3ShapesTRIOS Inbox™ is a software component that is integrated within Dental System™ It enables labs to receive TRIOS digital impressions and orders directly from connected dental clinics. With TRIOS Inbox installed, lab technicians will see a new tab in their Dental Manager™ interface that opens an overview of incoming cases from connected clinics using 3Shapes TRIOS digital impression solution. The Communicate™ software is integrated into both Dental System™ and the TRIOS system enabling labs and dentists to share case information, including 3D designs with annotations, screenshots, and comments. To connect and enjoy such straightforward interaction, both the lab and dentist simply create their own Communicate™ account, and then either one can send a request to connect. Once accepted on the other end, setting up in Dental System™ is easy and does not involve any kind of complex network parameters or protocols.

Closing in on complete digital workflows between clinics and labs

Once connected, the clinic and lab meet and interact through their mutual 3Shape Communicate™ Cloud. In practical terms, this means that labs can provide their client dentists with high-quality views of design results in 3D before the restoration is manufactured, and dentists can send their comments back to the lab. Labs can also use their Dental System™ software to create and send realistic before-after views of full smiles that dentists can show their patients. Both sides can continuously refer to the complete order history including agreements between them.

Communicate™ from anywhere – also without a 3Shape TRIOS™
Communication is not restricted to the office. Both lab technicians and dentists can conveniently use the Communicate™ web interface to access the 3Shape Communicate™ Cloud remotely using their Tablet PC or Laptop. This same Communicate™ web interface provides a communication solution for Dentists who do not own a 3Shape TRIOS system but wish to enjoy the efficient contact and interaction with their lab.

The typical Communicate workflow:

  1. The dentist sends the digital impression plus order information to the lab – directly from the TRIOS interface after completing scanning.
  2. The lab receives the order in their TRIOS Inbox, accepts the details and suggested delivery date or else returns its suggestions for changes.
  3. The dentist receives a notice on his TRIOS cart stating that the order is either accepted or rejected and views the lab's possible questions, suggestions, or comments.
  4. The lab designs the case directly from the digital impression as specified in the agreed order information.
  5. The lab sends the dentist 2D previews, smile-previews, a digital 3D model, questions and comments.
  6. Both labs and dentists can add annotations to the 3D view that both access through the Cloud.
  7. The dentist approves the design when satisfied and the lab can immediately start manufacturing the restoration.

Benefits for labs

Interaction enabled by the digital workflow enhances the dentists' influence in relation to final results benefiting the lab, the dentist, and the patient.

TRIOS Inbox™ allows labs to connect to the many TRIOS systems out there – offering new opportunities to expand their customer base. Digital delivery of impressions from clinics makes lab work easier and more efficient. There is no need to provide pick-up services of impressions, and designing can start right away. The digital impression can be used both for designing the restoration and, if needed, to produce a model in parallel. Efficient communication helps labs cement business relationships with their dentist clients.

Benefits for clinics

In clinics, both impressions taking with TRIOS and dispatching scans digitally saves loads of time and allows dentists to serve more patients faster. 3Shapes direct-upload concept allows clinics to bypass cumbersome, time-consuming, solutions that require sending digital impressions to special cleaning centers before they get to the lab. Efficient, exacting communication makes it easier to ensure optimal results for the patient and reduce the number of remakes.

TRIOS Inbox Communicate software

TRIOS Inbox upgrade is part of LABcare upgrades

3Shape Dental System™ users in labs get the TRIOS Inbox™ update for their Dental System as an integral part of their subscription and they can immediately start receiving TRIOS scans from the clinics after connecting.

Start today

TRIOS Inbox is available upon request today and will be included per default on all Dental System installations from February 2013. Communicate comes with 2GB free Cloud storage space, allowing the lab to work with approximately 100 cases simultaneously - which adequately covers the needs of most labs. Large labs, that may at some point need more capacity, can extend their cloud storage space at a very limited cost. Together, 3Shape Communicate™ and TRIOS Inbox provide unlimited connection and communication – there are no hidden payments per-case and no pay-per-connection programs behind 3Shapes solution – it's an open digital freeway.