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3Shape Tech Corner

An enlightening dentist appointment.

Last week I visited my dentist for my regular check-up. I have known my dentist for many years, and have been his loyal patient since long before I started working inside the dental industry. My dentist is over 60 years old and a highly competent professional.  However, he is not at all a technology enthusiast, and he still takes his impressions using traditional methods. On an impulse, I brought along our 3Shape TRIOS® scanner to see what he thought of it. As it turned out, this casual idea turned into a very valuable and encouraging experience.

Tais Clausen

My dentist looked on with interest, yet a tiny hint of skepticism, as I unpacked and set up the scanner. I then briefly described the system and its key features. I kept my introduction remarks as short as possible because, in my experience, dentists get impatient with words and want to see action. I managed to convey those simple facts about TRIOS® that never fail to impress dentists such as its being spray-free, have an autoclavable tip that can be rotated for upper/lower scanning, and it can scan any material, teeth, gold, silver, etc.  

To show him how to scan, I borrowed a Gypsum model and went over the basic functionalities – after which, I handed over the scanner for him to try. He obviously enjoyed the feel of the scanner in his hand and noted the ease with which he could scan the model. Encouraged by this, I then asked him to “go for the real thing” and scan my upper jaw.

I used 2 minutes to add instructions about best practices and techniques when scanning in the mouth and then told him to scan at will. Without hesitation, he positioned the tip and confidently performed his first intraoral scan. The results amazed him.

He managed to scan my upper quad in 1:56 minutes, lower jaw in 1:44 minutes, and bite in 14 seconds. His spontaneous response said it all: “This is so easy!”

Driving back to the office, with newly polished teeth and the re-packed TRIOS® in the trunk, I speculated more widely about what I had just witnessed.  Naturally, I knew that at 3Shape we had designed TRIOS® to be easy to use, but the trial with my dentist showed me just how easy it is for new-beginners to achieve perfect digital impressions after only brief instructions. 

"I strongly believe that with TRIOS, any dental clinic can go digital overnight."— Tais Clausen