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3Shapes TRIOS digital impression solution appraised by dentists

Hundreds of actual clinical cases involving a wide range of dental indications have been carried out on patients by dentists using 3Shape's new intraoral scanner and software. While their feedback has been applied in fine tuning features in the system, the dentist's general reactions are unanimous - TRIOS® is fast, accurate, and very easy to use.

Impressive speed and accuracy

Dentists expressed admiration for the high speed that allowed them to get their digital impression in place, and the extreme accuracy of important details such as prepared teeth, antagonist, margin lines, and gingiva.

TRIOS® is very easy to use with spray-free scanning

The TRIOS users were very glad to finally see a device that does not require them to apply spray or powder to coat the patient's teeth in order to get good scans. With TRIOS®, impression-taking becomes a speedy and comfortable process for patients, and there is no risk of ruining scan accuracy by adding material to teeth surfaces.

Powerful visual features

Dentists liked the way TRIOS® let them build the digital impression in 3D on-screen in real-time. Images remain in sharp focus while the scanner is moved freely on any level in the mouth. For additional convenience the tip's form even lets users rest it on the teeth during scanning. Many clearly enjoyed the TRIOS® motion sensor interface that enables the hand-held device to virtually rotate and turn the digital impression like a gaming controller for easy and quick viewing of the impression from all angles while scanning.

Software that guides you all the way

Both dentists and their assistants found the TRIOS® user interface intuitive and the large Smart-Touch screen handy to operate. The large buttons guide the dentist through the complete workflow, beginning with order creation and ending with the dispatch of the digital impression to the lab. Dentists were impressed with the software's capability to automatically and reliably align occlusion and perform a clinical-validation of occlusal clearance and impression quality before dispatching to the lab.