Case Study: Six-unit bridge using a digital workflow, despite patient limitations

Using IO scans and a full-face photo to capture the position of the maxilla, the lab creates a provisional and final bridge.
  • Treatment provider: Dr. Caroline Thomas
  • Solutions used: 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, 3Shape Dental System software, 3Shape Communicate®
  • Dr. Thomas uses both analog and digital impressions to take full advantage of the digital workflow.


  • Conventional impression converted to digital impression. In an unusual case, this patient prefers an analog impression, which is then TRIOS scanned and sent to the lab.
  • Digital design via 3Shape Communicate. Via 3Shape Communicate, Dr. Thomas edits and comments on prosthetic design with her lab, located thousands of miles away.
  • Delivery of final prosthetic. Using facial image layering and a virtual articulator, the final zirconia bridge is tried in to verify fit, function, and esthetics.

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