Immediate loading and implant surgery with digital workflow

32-year-old male suffering from multiple loss of teeth due to severe dental caries. Exposed root rests were all unusable as abutment teeth and remaining teeth were erupted and not in their own occlusal position.
  • Treatment provider: Dr. Jaemin Lee
  • Solutions used: 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, 3Shape Implant Studio + 3Shape Dental System software
  • Extremely complicated case called for the treatment to be divided into five phases.


  • Phase one. Implant surgery – Extraction of all root rests. Implant surgery on right lower molar site right after the extraction of #45, #46.
  • Phase two. Interim between surgery on the upper and lower side – Endodontic treatment on #11, #21, #23, #34, #35, #37, #43, #44.
  • Phase three. Two months after the first surgery – preparation on #34, #35, #37, #43, #44. Oral scan and design and fabrication of PMMA provisional crowns. Implant surgery planned with Implant Studio.
  • Phase four. Guided surgery and placing implants and provisional implant prosthesis on the upper teeth. Setting provisional prosthesis on the lower abutment teeth (#34–37 bridge, #43–44 bridge). Preparation on #11, #21, #23 for #11–23 full contour zirconia bridged crowns. Setting FCZ bridged crowns on #11, #21, #23.
  • Phase five. Two months after implant surgery – Oral scan, design and manufacture of final prosthesis on both sides of the jaw. Final prosthesis finished.

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