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Building a dental practice your patients will love

Dr. Austin Vetter

Vetter Dental

Fargo, USA

Towards the end of 2022, I opened my new practice in Fargo, North Dakota, USA. Its state-of-art design has garnered not only rave reviews but patients are even saying that the practice makes them feel like they are not at the dentist.

About five years ago, I began collecting ideas for building a new practice. I wanted to create the ultimate practice for efficiency but also one that looked beautiful, modern, and technologic.

I researched the solutions available out there and sought to build elements into my practice that would take advantage of digital workflow efficiencies such as wireless scanning, server-hosted design software, and same-day treatments with an in-house lab.

I also wanted the practice to have many operatories. The new office has thirteen ops and a full-service digital dental lab.

I do not want to sound like an advertisement, but we found that if you want ultimate efficiency, you need to look at all the products 3Shape offers.

TRIOS Share wireless technology

One 3Shape solution, TRIOS Share, enabled us to really take advantage of wireless intraoral scanning. TRIOS Share allows my team to walk from room to room with a TRIOS in hand and use it in every operatory. We also have multiple TRIOS connected to the Wi-Fi, so the scanners are interchangeable throughout the practice.

When the practice was still in the planning stage, we researched what types of printers, milling machines, and of course, scanners and software would be best for

I had experience with some of 3Shape's largest competitors, but we always come back to 3Shape software just because of how easy it is for my team to manage it.

You might notice in the video that there is a shot of a competitor’s scanner in it. We have a running joke that that scanner is like Harry Potter. We keep it under the staircase, away from other people.

See more patients and keep them entertained

One of my goals for the new practice was to enable me to see more patients. Hence the thirteen operatories.


Same-day-dentistry: a case study

How Dr. Vetter managed to go from preparing to placement of 6 crowns in 2 hours with 3Shape software and in-house manufacturing capabilities.

But we also knew that we wanted patients to be comfortable and entertained. What we did is place 75-inch TVs with surround sound and TVs on the ceiling in all thirteen operatories.

One of the terrific advantages of digital dentistry is that patients get to see their teeth on the big screen. It makes decision-making on a proposed treatment much more transparent for them.

We also added a video game console and, like I said, screens on the ceiling that show regular TV programming. It makes it much more enjoyable for patients to sit in the chair and come to the office.





Another idea that I added to the practice is my Air Jordan sneaker wall. While I’m not ready to compete with Pat Perez’s collection, I like to wear different colored scrubs and Air Jordans every day. It keeps the job fun and gets me excited to come to work every day.

I have basically hidden the "Air Jordan wall," but patients like to come and see it or share their love for Air Jordan shoes with me.

What do patients say about the practice?

Since our opening, patient feedback has been fantastic. Many people tell us that they feel like they are not at the dentist when they come for an appointment.

We are told that the ops feel like a movie theater and the hallways feel like a nightclub.

In terms of all the technology we have added, they love that too. Anything that can help treat patients more comfortably and faster will be a hit.

In terms of marketing what we have in the office, I feel like we haven't really done a good job showcasing it.

In the future, I plan on making mini vlogs of a walkthrough of the clinic so patients can see what we have to offer without having to walk around the entire office.

My advice for designing your dental practice

When it came to designing, I collected ideas for five years before I made this new office. My advice is to spend time.

We had all the blueprints laid out and rendered from the start. So, we had a vision. It becomes much more challenging if you add things later in the project. And even though we were diligent and did our homework, there are still many things I would consider changing in the practice even now.

But again, plan carefully. Have a vision of what it will look like and how it will best serve your customers, your team, and your dentistry. You want the office to be a place where you, your patients and your team enjoy coming to.

TRIOS 5 banner
Get a demo of the wireless TRIOS 5 scanner that Dr. Vetter uses

About Dr. Austin Vetter

Dr. Austin Vetter

Vetter Dental

Fargo, USA

Dr. Austin Vetter practices in Fargo, ND as a solo practitioner. He utilizes the most advanced technology available such as the Trios 5 Wireless, multiple lab design software, multiple CJ Optik Microscopes, VHF R5 5-Axis Mill, and Modjaw. His practice is two stories high with 13 operatories and a full digital dental lab. The wireless capabilities of the TRIOS wireless intraoral scanners are used extensively in his practice along with the latest in milling and printing dental technology.

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