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These are the five key trends in digital dentistry in 2022

Rune Fisker

Senior Vice President for Product Strategy


An exciting year is ahead, if you ask me. Dentistry is accelerating at lightning speed, and new technology and innovations are coming up left and right. Here's my take on what we can expect from digital innovations in dentistry.

3Shape Senior Vice President for Product Strategy

The dental platform race has begun

Platforms are disrupting industries and changing the way we live. The practice management system will remain the cornerstone of the digital clinic, but all major dental technology companies are now offering or launching platforms. The question is who is best positioned to win?

IOS will keep driving digitalization

The adaption of intraoral scanners (IOS) dramatically accelerated in 2021. This will continue into 2022. Penetration is already reaching 30-35% in the US and mature markets. We also see very rapid growth in the number of IOS cases that drive digitalization throughout the clinic and across workflows. Future IOS usage will go far beyond a digital impression just replacing an analog impression.

3D printing and materials at the next level

trends in 2022

3D printers are the other hot item in the digital category. The true game-changer is 3D printing materials. New and improved materials are being released every day. Driven by new printing materials, splints of high quality were widely printed in 2021. 2022 will most likely be the year that we see 100% 3D printed final dentures take off. This will certainly disrupt the removable market. Ultimately, all indications have the potential to be 3D printed and a major question is how deep 3D printers will penetrate the clinic?

AI is here

2021 was the year where Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally made its mark on CAD/CAM. 3Shape Automate, our solution that enables a scan to be uploaded to the cloud and 100% designed using AI truly disrupted the market. There is going to be much more AI in 2022. AI is making computers and people smarter and faster across all applications in digital dentistry.

Aligners and dentures are rapidly being adapted

Cosmetic dentistry and more than anything, Clear Aligners will continue to push digitalization forward, driven by consumer demand for beauty. The big missing indication in CAD/CAM is dentures, but this is changing fast with 3-digit growth in cases pushed forward by the very strong benefit to clinics and increased efficiency.


Want to bring all your dentistry under one roof?

To gain a better understanding of how a platform like 3Shape Unite works and can help you, we’ve created a demo of it that you can test out. We recommend spending some time on it to better understand what a platform can mean for your digital workflows. If you are new to digital dentistry, it will help you to discover first-hand the key differences between digital and analog.

About Rune Fisker

Rune Fisker

Senior Vice President for Product Strategy


Rune Fisker, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, was 3Shape’s very first employee. He has and continues to play an integral role in the development of innovative 3Shape solutions. Rune’s vision is that the 3Shape open ecosystem, driven by our technology, will continue to enable dental professionals to deliver esthetic and predictable dentistry for better patient care. Rune holds a Ph.D. from Denmark’s Technical University and is a globally renowned lecturer on digital dentistry.

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Rune Fisker

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