CADCAM customized abutments with Straumann original implant connections now available to 3Shape users

Copenhagen/Basel, April 15, 2014 – 3Shape, a global leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions and Straumann, a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry, today announced the official release of new software capabilities that enable users of 3Shape’s Dental System™ to design and order customized zirconia or titanium abutments with Straumann original implant connections.

The two companies have worked together to integrate Straumann® CARES® libraries in 3Shape’s Dental System software, enabling dental technicians to use the 3Shape Dental System to design abutments and a range of high-quality customized prosthetics- including cobalt chromium alloy (coron®), zirconium dioxide (zerion®), various full-contour materials. These can be ordered with an original Straumann connection from Straumann’s global production facilities.

“Straumann is a leading implant manufacturer, and many labs are steadfast users of both the 3Shape CAD/CAM Dental System and Straumann abutments,” says Flemming Thorup, President and CEO at 3Shape. “3Shape Dental System users can now design highly esthetic and functional customized abutments and send them directly for manufacturing at Straumann – thereby introducing a wider range of choices for dentists and their patients.”

Frank Hemm, Executive Vice President Customer Solutions and Education at Straumann commented: “Our strategy to adopt an open system offers significant benefits to 3Shape users. Straumann CARES offers them flexibility, a very high level of precision, an efficient workflow and an unparalleled choice of materials. Most importantly, 3Shape customers are now able to connect with Straumann dentists and thus expand their business opportunities.”

The original Straumann libraries will be available on April 15th. Existing 3Shape users who wish to benefit from this opportunity can contact Straumann for information on obtaining the libraries. The availability depends on the specific 3Shape system configuration. Further information about this opportunity as well as 3Shape scanners, 3Shape software and libraries is available from 3Shape distributors.


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