Keep improving with TRIOS Orthodontics

A wireless intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; realistic-color intraoral photographs for easy case communication with patients, and 3Shape's industry-leading analysis and treatment planning software.


5 reasons to buy TRIOS

Superior scanning

Superior scanning technologies

intraoral photos

Realistic-color intraoral photos

Flexible hardware

Flexible hardware configurations

Analysis and treatment

Analysis and treatment planning software


Seamless case sharing with labs

Full digital orthodontics from clinic to lab

An orthodontic clinic and its local orthodontic lab are reaping huge benefits and providing better treatment, by using 3Shape Orthodontics™.

digital orthodontics

More efficiency and precision with TRIOS® Orthodontics

Scan upper and lower, and let TRIOS® automatically set the bite. Combine additional patient data such as DICOM and 2D images with your 3D models.

Freedom to choose

TRIOS® comes in different hardware configurations to support the way you work - now and in the future.

3 Different scanners 




TRIOS® Color


TRIOS® Standard

... in 3 different configuration options






TRIOS® Chair Integration


Fast and easy intraoral scanning

Start, stop, and restart scanning with TRIOS anytime and at the same position automatically.

trios model

Scans in realistic colors

Take high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colors to improve diagnostics and patient communication.

“My staff love our TRIOS scanner for its speed and ease, but the patient's 'wow' is what I love about it,”

Dr. Hessam Rahimi, Fusion Orthodontics, USA.

trios scan

Automatic occlusion capture

Accurately capture your patient’s bite in real time with TRIOS automatic occlusion capture.

"TRIOS® automatic occlusion capture enables me to instantly register and validate a patient’s bite,"

Dr. Simon Kold, Herning Implant Center, Denmark.

trios scans

Digitally archive cases

Save space, time, and money. Organize and access your cases digitally and eliminate analogue models.

“We are digitizing all our models and closing our storage rooms: saving us money, manpower, and the time it takes to maintain a physical storage system,” 

Dr. Carlo Marassi, Orthodontist, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Complete Case Analysis

teeth impression

Combine CBCT scans with digital models

Merge color digital impressions with CBCT.

teeth scan

Combine 2D Images with 3D models

Patient photographs, X-Ray panoramics, ceph tracing.

teeth impression

2D and 3D analysis orthodontic toolkit

Arc shapes, overjet/overbite, Bolton ratios, occlusion and spaces.

case analysis

Share treatment plans

with patients on the screen and online with the lab via 3Shape Communicate™.

Plan treatment easily and accurately in 3D

teeth impression

Simulate orthodontic treatments

Extractions, interproximal reductions, constraints and full details of tooth movements.

teeth model

Optimize occlusion in real time

Assess treatment proposals instantly with virtual articulators.

teeth impression

Customize treatment

Export planned stages for appliance manufacturing and position brackets digitally.

teeth model

Easy treatment monitoring

Scan your patient and easily debond the brackets to compare the situation with your treatment plan.

dental lab setup

Open and flexible for any lab setup

dental lab setup

Share cases instantly with 3Shape Communicate™

The digital advantage

Reduce chair time

Reduce chair time

Create digital patient

Create digital patient

Diagnose and simulate treatment

Diagnose and simulate treatment

More efficient patient visit

More efficient patient visit

Save storage space

Save storage space

Share cases digitally

Share cases digitally

Increase treatment acceptance

Increase treatment acceptance

Connect directly to ortho labs

Connect directly to ortho labs


Connect directly to orthodontic solution providers

Send cases directly from TRIOS® to local, regional and global providers of full orthodontic treatment solutions, such as Incognito™ by 3M, SureSmile® by Orametrix and ClearCorrect.

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