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Seeing is believing with this dental simulation software

What better way to help patients accept your orthodontic treatment plans than by showing them their potential results before they even get started? Use TRIOS Treatment Simulator and watch acceptance rates rise.

Show patients realistic outcomes

Seeing really is believing. TRIOS Treatment Simulator offers an inspiring and reliable answer to a pressing question for many patients – what will I look like after treatment? It automatically transforms the TRIOS scan of their dentition into a realistic simulation of their potential orthodontic outcome.

Manage patient expectations

The right expectations make for the happiest patients. TRIOS Treatment Simulator helps you agree on realistic treatment goals with your patients. The simulations can easily be edited on screen as a patient follows along. So, you can adjust tooth placement while having in-depth, easy-to-grasp conversations about what they can and can’t expect from treatment.

Give patients confidence

Watch your acceptance rates rise. They’ll know how they’ll look. They’ll understand what’s possible. They’ll trust your expertise. When you show them our accurate 3D simulation and explain the facts, they’ll be convinced. Get them ready to make a confident decision to get started!

“…Patients react extremely positively when they see the outcome of the TRIOS Treatment Simulator tool, and get convinced much faster. The acceptance rates without I think would drop 40%.”

Dr. Pedro Gonçalves, Dentist, Zurich, Switzerland

Other engagement apps

TRIOS Smile Design
TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Put a smile on their face

Put a smile on their face

Give your patients a glimpse of their beautiful future smile! TRIOS Smile Design visualizes treatment outcome on your patients’ photos. Use it to design their desired results together. And send them home to show those results off with the My-3Shape “before-and-after smile” app. When family and friends chime in with compliments, it will reinforce case acceptance.



Preventative care is the best kind of care

Preventative care is the best kind of care

Accurately measure changes in dentition over time by scanning every patient at every appointment with TRIOS Patient Monitoring. It’s a valuable visual tool that helps you identify treatment needs early, while also creating a perfect opportunity to engage and strengthen connections.

Slide to monitor progress over two years

What patient engagement means to us 

Color scans, smile simulation software, a scanner that can be moved around: patient engagement means a lot to us. And we’ve invested heavily in it. 

Even easier to engage with MOVE+

Here’s the easy way to move 3D digital scans and the TRIOS® engagement apps right where your patients can see them best – chairside. No more head craning. No more back straining. TRIOS MOVE+ makes engaging more comfortable for you and for your patients. Plus, it’s an elegant and functional addition to your clinic.


Our new dental platform 3Shape Unite brings world-leading dental companies, solutions and labs together under one roof. You can manage all your cases with choice and ease, from TRIOS scan to patient completion. Our patient engagement apps like TRIOS Treatment Simulator are downloaded and accessed from here, too.


Our most powerful intraoral
scanner to date

•  High accuracy and precision
•  Realistic scan colors
•  Automatic scan clean-up
•  Unrivalled open dental ecosystem

•  Engagemenet apps to boost case acceptance
•  In-house design and production
  Full mobility with wireless scanning
  Plug in SmartCord for 2-in-1 option
  Superior mirror defogging functionality
•  Smart calibration counter

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Engage with your patients

•  High accuracy and precision
•  Realistic scan colors
  Automatic scan clean-up
  Unrivalled open dental ecosystem

  Engagemnet apps to boost case acceptance
  In-house design and production
•  Full mobility with wireless scanning

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Seeing is believing

Watch case acceptance rise. Start changing patients’ lives now.

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