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Digitize your entire clinic with just one intraoral scanner

TRIOS Share is a first in dentistry. It is technology that lets you use your wireless TRIOS scanner on any PC and Mac in your practice. Plus: it can be activated for free.

Plan on all PCs

Access 3Shape Unite to treatment plan on all PCs in your practice to improve your team’s efficiency.

Maximize your investment

Maximize investment; minimize costs. Enable TRIOS Share for free with every TRIOS wireless model.

What is TRIOS Share?

Pass the scanner, share the power.

Moving your wireless intraoral scanner from room to room used to be a challenge. Not anymore. With TRIOS Share, you can walk around with only one wireless TRIOS intraoral scanner and use it on every PC and Mac in your practice via Wi-Fi. Save money and get your whole team onboard with digital dentistry by sharing the power of TRIOS throughout your practice.

The first solution that lets you digitize your entire clinic with just one intraoral scanner.

TRIOS Share setup options

TRIOS Share can be enabled on all wireless TRIOS scanners. If you want to activate it, you have two options, depending on your clinic’s set-up.

Screen mirroring

  • Scan and plan using any PC and Mac in any room with screen mirroring.
  • Cost effective solution because no additional scanning PCs are needed.
  • Separate Splashtop 2. Splashtop is a 3rd party remote-desktop software application and not included in your 3Shape software or the TRIOS set up purchase package. Splashtop enables remote access for single user at a time. subscription needed.

Multiple TRIOS scanning PCs* For complete cleaning steps, please review the 3Shape TRIOS Safety and Setup Guide.

  • Scan and plan simultaneously from any room.
  • Value for money solution because it allows maximum workflow efficiency.
  • Multiple TRIOS Scanning PCs and client-server setup needed.

Next-level wireless scanning

Enable next-level wireless scanning freedom today. Watch the video to see how it works.

Can I start today? ​

TRIOS Share runs over your practice’s network and there is no need for additional 3Shape products. There are only two requirements: a wireless 3Shape TRIOS scanner and adequate Wi-Fi. 

Wireless TRIOS scanner

Working anywhere with TRIOS Share utilizes the wireless functionality of your scanners. That’s why it is only available with TRIOS 3 wireless, TRIOS 4 wireless or TRIOS 5 wireless. Don’t have a wireless TRIOS yet?

Get scanner demo

Adequate Wi-Fi

Wireless freedom with TRIOS Share requires specific network conditions. Evaluate your Wi-Fi status with your IT technician by downloading our guide.



Enable wireless scanning freedom today!

If you have a wireless scanner and adequate Wi-Fi, there’s nothing in the way for you to start using TRIOS Share. Decide on your preferred setup and download your guide below.




“TRIOS Share technology is really cost-effective. It gives us the possibility to cover our entire clinic, instead of one room, with just one TRIOS Wireless scanner!”

Dr. Eddie Basson,
Dentist and Clinic owner

Download Center

Release notes, FAQs, and more.


Splashtop set-up guide

Connecting the scanner to Wi-Fi network guide

TRIOS brochure

Contact us or ask your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region.