Dear TRIOS users,

We are pleased to inform that yesterday’s issues with 3Shape Communicate are now resolved, and TRIOS cases can now be sent in the normal manner.

However, please note that cases sent through yesterday’s “copy-send” workaround will reappear on the system as pending although they have already been sent. To avoid sending them again:

  • If you DID copy and send cases yesterday and are asked by TRIOS if you would like to now send a case that “has not yet been sent,” then please choose “Cancel Send.” (Note that if you say “Send Order,” the only thing that will happen is that the lab will get the same case twice.)
  • If you did NOT copy and send cases as a workaround yesterday, please choose “Send Order” to send the case.

We again apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

The 3Shape Team.