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3Shape Implant Studio™ users can now access Biomet 3i implants

Copenhagen, February 18, 2015 - 3Shape, a global leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions is proud to announce that dental professionals can now access Biomet 3i family of implants in connection with 3Shape Implant Studio™.

Dentists, implantologists, and dental technicians access implant systems, like Biomet 3i, when using Implant Studio™ software to assist in their implant planning.

“We are glad to add the Biomet 3i well known and popular family of implant lines to the implant systems now available in connection with Implant Studio™,” says Flemming Thorup, CEO at 3Shape. “Providing easy-access to leading implant systems like Biomet 3i is helping to make Implant Studio™ the industry’s most open and flexible solution for dental professionals.”

The Biomet 3i family of implants is available from February 18th 2015. Users who wish to benefit from this opportunity should contact their 3Shape distributor for more information on how to access these libraries.


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