3Shape CAMbridge

3D printing of dental CAD designs made easy

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The right preparation software is critical for printing high-quality, perfectly fitting dental indications. 3Shape  CAMbridge® is optimized for dental production to make 3D printing easy and improve manufacturing capacity, no matter your experience level. 

What is CAMbridge?

Linking design to production

You’ve carefully designed your dental restoration, and now you want to prepare a 3D print file that delivers a perfect fit with razor-sharp margins. 3Shape CAMbridge software links your design software with a wide range of 3D printers and features automated workflows designed specifically for dentistry. This helps to guarantee fast, accurate, and easy 3D printing of dental restorations.


Open integration

The software integrates with 3Shape Dental System and a wide range of design software and 3D printers, to give you more options.

Automated workflows

Automation reduces the need for manpower and skill requirements while delivering reliable results with increased efficiency. 

Optimized for dentistry 

Our dental 3D printing software lets you take advantage of settings that are optimized for production of dental designs. 


Manufacturing your CAD designs with CAMbridge requires a 3D printer. Our software is compatible with the following range of 3D printers for both resin and metal printing.

How CAMbridge can improve production

Direct and open integration

3Shape CAMbridge integrates directly with 3Shape Dental System software and immediately identifies new, production-ready designs. You also have the option to drag and drop STL files from other CAD solutions into 3Shape CAMbridge. Direct integration with a wide range of 3D printers makes the printing process simple and easy. 

Automated workflows whilst keeping control

Our automated workflows minimize user interaction and operator time while letting you easily control all aspects of your print jobs. Simply select the designs you want to produce and let the software automatically prepare the print job for you. 

Optimized for dentistry 

Intuitive production settings make it easy for technicians to manufacture restorations, and ID tags identify items after they’ve been printed.

CAMbridge in action

More details

What do I need to run CAMbridge?

CAMbridge is a stand-alone desktop application. We recommend using Windows 10, 64-bit Pro.

Compatible CAD software

CAMbridge can be used together with 3Shape Dental System software or any CAD software programs that export STL files.

Compatible 3D printers

CAMbridge is integrated with the widest range of 3D printers.

Easier manufacturing 

Produce better dental designs and save time and resources. 
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