Dental System is designed by dental technicians for dental technicians to cost-effectively deliver the highest quality and largest selection of prosthetics to lab customers. 

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Fast and intuitive splint software

Our completely new 3Shape Splint Studio allows labs to easily produce splints, night guards, protectors and similar dental appliances with just a few clicks. Efficient digital design and manufacturing of splints gives you an attractive opportunity to add a new and highly profitable service to your offering. 

Make simple clear aligner treatments right in your lab

Clear aligners are easy to do with 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio. The step-by-step solution is the fast and easy way for you to add clear aligners to your lab’s services. Clear Aligner Studio’s automated features and guided workflows make it easy to create simple clear aligner treatments like anterior cases. Just print your models and vacuum form the aligners.

New all-in-one implant bridge workflow

Design highly aesthetic and functional implant bridges easier than ever before with our new all-in-one reduced implant bridge workflow. You get the flexibility to offset or design preps in just a few clicks. Combine any type of cutback option or leave a full anatomical crown. Use the final crown shape to create optimal anatomically correct restorations, as well as lingual bands and facial cutbacks.

Make dentures digitally and boost your productivity

Powerful advancements to 3Shape Denture Design software and new possibilities within manufacturing and materials make it highly attractive for labs to start producing dentures digitally today. Our intelligent dental software helps you produce full and partial dentures quickly, easily, and profitably. 
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