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Share patient information between TRIOS and PMS partner software

TRIOS is now available on Dental Desktop with the option to integrate with partner software e.g. Practice Management System (PMS) software. Patient and Case information can now flow seamlessly between the PMS partner software and the software platform running the TRIOS.


Create new patients in your PMS, and sync patient information with the TRIOS when scanning patient. After scanning you can sync images and case information back to the PMS, and achieve full overview directly in your PMS partner software.

Integrations available on Dental Desktop

PMS Provider Country Send/Receive Patient data Send\Receive Images (2D) Send\Receive Scans Web page

Technical guidelines for integration

Currently, a number of PMS providers are working on integrating their systems with the 3Shape Dental Desktop platform, and the first successful integration have already gone live (Dentrix, US). Dental Desktop is an open platform allowing any any PMS provider to integrate with the Dental Desktop software platform

How to integrate with Practice Management System software

To effectively integrate to other PMS providers, you should forward the Dental Desktop API Integration Technical Guidelines to providers who are relevant to integrate with. The section Technical Documentation for Dental Desktop API Integration contains the relevant technical information needed from PMS systems to integrate with the 3Shape Dental Desktop platform.

Once a PMS provider receives this information package, they should follow these steps

  • Sign-up on 3Shape webiste for Dental Desktop API Integration
  • If you don not already have a 3Shape dongle number, please request a 3Shape software trial license from your reseller
  • Request a link to download the software from your reseller

Once this email has been received, a Technical Consultant from 3Shape will get in touch with the contact person (and sender of the email) to confirm next steps to get the 3Shape software installed and up and running for the PMS provider to work with. Once the integration is established, 3Shape will be providing a detailed overview online and at trade shows etc., with information on your company and link to any specific instructions or “how-to guide” required to make the integration work for end-users (is this workflow set in place/is it important to communicate?). If you have any question, please mail us at: PMS@3shape.com